What’s In store For The Start Of 2019

What’s In store For The Start Of 2019

I had some much needed time off from 22nd until the 2nd of January from my 9-5 which was so incredibly welcomed. I did have the plan to use this time off to work on my blog content but when it came to it I just needed a break from all my work.

I was just what the doctor ordered. I spent time with friends and family or just lazing around watching the crime documentary eating my weight in Christmas party foods. And I do not feel guilty? Not one bit. It’s so important to take time off and recuperate.

But it’s a new year and a new start. Even though I’ve been super unmotivated due to a lack of energy and being run down I am now ready to start knocking 2019 out the park. So here are some of my key starting point of make 2o19 the best year yet.

Working Hard On My Blog 

I probably say this every January but I want to work a lot harder on my blog. Last year I hit goals but it was quite a struggle to balance my 9-5, my studies and running my blog business. This year I hope to be better balanced. I’ve also hired Vix Meldrews blog coaching to really give me that boost I need to get my blog going in the right direction. Let of good $h!T to come!

The Body Transformation Project #theBTP 

It’s time to sort my $h!T out when it comes to my health and body. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and I am the biggest/heaviest I’ve ever been in. I’m in no way overweight but it been quite depressing not being able to fit in any of my favourite clothes any more. I’m going to start my Body Transformation Project and bring you along for the ride. I want to drop around 2stones, get back into fitness as I used too and make sure I eat lean and clean. This month I’m doing Dry January and cutting out the Alcohol, one because of the health benefits and two because I believe this is the main factor in my weight gain. I love wine and we all know the calories in a bottle of vino is horrific.


Leonie Parker

Saving Money 

I’m terrible with money. If I have it I have to spend it. This year I really want to buckle down on my spending and save more money towards buying a house.
So if you have any saving tips or tricks, hook a girl up, please!

Mindset, Law Of Attraction & Keeping Gratitude Journal 

Last year I came across the book called The Secret and it’s changed my mindset forever. If you haven’t read/listen to the book then I highly suggest you do. It’s about the Law Of Attraction and how our thoughts tell the universe what to give us. So if your worry about debts you will attract more debt. But if you change your mindset to look at the debt as cheques or money coming to you then you will attract more money. I’ve probably haven’t explained this correctly so I recommended to read it yourselves.
One technique is to keep a gratitude journey to keep track of all the things I am grateful for and all the things that will be coming to me. So I plan to do this daily. It really is an uplifting positive activity.

More Walks

It’s the little things in life that can make a difference, like taking a walk. I want to get out of the house more and grab more fresh air. I can be quite a hermit and sometimes don’t leave the house for days. I’m going to try hitting that 10K steps a day.

Being Organised & Sticking To It 

Being organised isn’t the real issue for me as I love organising, I normally have 3 diaries going as well as my phone/mac calendars. Where I fail is actually sticking to my calendars. I’m terrible for putting something in the dairy or setting a time frame and completely forgetting about it. This year I want to stick with my organised plans. I recently found Trello which I’m finding amazing for keeping up to date with my editorial content as well as personal tasks/goals.

What’s In store for you At the start of 2019?