What I Got Up To In July | Life Of Lo

What I Got Up To In July | Life Of Lo



Well hasn’t July 2018 been a scorcher?! Its said to have been the hottest summer ever recorded with highs of 37 degrees. I am a summer baby through and through and been loving this hot weather but one thing I can say is UK homes are not equipped to handle this heat. My flat has been like a sweatbox which has caused me some very troubled nights trying to get to sleep.


Hitchin Lavender & Sunflower Fields 

I had the Hitchin Lavender fields on my visit list since last winter and have been eagerly awaiting the summer to come so I could visit these fields.
Entrance cost £6 per person and they give you a paper bag to fill with as much lavender as you can.
The fields smelt lovely but not as overpowering as I thought they would smell and there was also have a low humming sound of all the thousands of bees. How I got away without being stung I just don’t know.
Hitchin also has a sunflower field where you can pick sunflowers for 50p each. It a great day out for anyone to enjoy.

Audio Books 

I’ve recently got into Audiobooks and they are a godsend.  I used to love reading a good book but finding the free time to do so isn’t exactly easy these days. I’m really loving self-help books like The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**kGet Your Sh*t Together and You Do You by Sarah Knight and How to Be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis. I would highly recommend giving these book a listen, or read if you still a book lover and I would love your recommendation for my next download. 

Exam Results 

I have now taken all 5 exams for my CIPS diploma and what a sigh of relief that was to put the studying to rest. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy working full time, studying and running a blog so I’m glad I am now able to gain some time back in my life. I also just received my result for my exam I took in May with was 4th out of the 5 I have taken and I was stunned by the result.

I really didn’t have much faith I had passed, but it did, it would have been by the skin of my teeth but somehow I managed to obtain a high pass mark. One more result to go now. Ekkkkk

Parkside Farm Berry Picking 

One of my favourite things about an English summer is being able to go berry picking and has always been a great childhood memory of mine.

There’s nothing yummier then freshly picked fruit.

I visited the Parkside farm in Enfield where they host a variety of fruit and vegetable to pick from. There is no entry fee but each person must pick £8 worth of fruit or veg. 

Myself and Adam ending up doing nearly £20 worth on Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries, I just couldn’t help myself. They were some of the juiciest Strawberries I have ever tasted.

Recipe Boxes 

I recently decided to start ordering recipe boxes such as hello fresh and gusto. I’m going to take full advantages of all the introductory offers the companies give to new customer. It a great way to find the box that suites your needs.

So far its defiantly been a well invested benefit, the receipts are so tasty and have really broadened my palette and there is no food waste. I must have been throwing away at least £10 worth of fruit or veg a week as I couldn’t use it all before the use by date.


So what did you get up to in July?

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