Travelling With Invisalign Braces

Travelling With Invisalign Braces

I have been wearing Invisalign braces for 17 months and have had the experience of travelling with them on a month-long backpacking holiday in Thailand and a 10-day vacation in Portugal. So I wanted to share some of my tips on travelling with Invisalign.

      Depending on the length of your travel you may need to discuss this with your orthodontist regarding checkups, treatments and being issued new aligners. When I was planning my month trip to Thailand I had to make sure I have the right amount of aligners to get me through. I’m currently set to receive 5 sets of aligners every 10 weeks and have a 10-week checkup. I was also set to have IPR treatment during my travels so we had to arrange this before I went rather than leaving it to when I returned.
    2. TAKE THE ALIGNER BEFORE – If you ever lose or break an aligner before the course for that aligner has ended then you will be advised to wear the previous aligners until your Orthodontist can order you a new aligner. So when I set off to Portugal for 10 days I worked out that I would need to change my set during my vacations so only took 1 new set but also took my previous set in case anything happened before the change.
    3. CLEARING PRODUCTS – Generally I use Retainer Brite for cleaning my aligners, soaking them in a denture box. I took both the tablets and pot with me travelling and tried to estimate the amounts of tablets I would need. I found that diluting some mouthwash with water and cleaning them works well if I very ran out of tables. I’m not sure this would be recommended by professionals as I know using toothpaste to clean the aligners can ruin them but I found this worked well for me.
    4. BE MINDFUL OF THE WATER – Be mind full of tap water with washing your aligners and cleaning your teeth. If in doubt always used bottled water. If you wouldn’t use the water to clean your teeth with, don’t use it to clean your aligners with.
    5. CALCULATE WEARING TIME – When travelling or on vacation, it’s more than likely your be eating and drinking a lot more then usual so be mindful of your wearing time and add on time if need be. When in Thailand I did quite a bit of scuba diving but feel very uncomfortable wearing my aligners with the regulator (mouthpiece) so I just added days on to my aligner treatment time.
    6. LONG HAUL FLIGHTS – If you’re on a long-haul flight it might not be practical to clean your aligners as recommend. I would suggest taking a travel size mouthwash with you on the flight then pop to the toilet to clean your teeth/aligners. I would first remove your aligners and rinse them off, then you mouthwash to clean your teeth/mouth (or travel toothbrush/paste) then inserts your aligners and use the mouthwash again to freshen up your aligners. I would also recommend using a clear mouthwash or if you can’t use drinking water to rinse your mouth out afterwards.


Do you wear Invisalign? What are your travel tips?


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