Why Travelling Bali, Indonesia Is On My Bucket List

Why Travelling Bali, Indonesia Is On My Bucket List


When I was travelling Thailand this year I was overtaken by the culture and beauty of South East Asia. I loved visiting the temples in Thailand and I believe Bali would be no different. Whether its Tanha Lot situated off the shoreline, Besakin (Mother temple) or Goa Gajan (Elephant Cave) Bali certainly offers an array of beautiful temples to fill anyone’s cultural curiosities.

One speciality Bali is known for is its famous rice fields which offer the scenic beauty of Bali along with the history the lands have to offer as these fields are often handed down from generation to generation in families.
What could be better than waking up with the Sunrise overlooking the beautiful rice fields with a coffee?




Bali is quite a hot backpacking stop nowadays so there are a lot of hostels around to cater to the very grown backpacking population. But if backpacking isn’t your thing and you want to stay somewhere that is affordable but a bit more luxurious then you could stay somewhere like Novotel Nusa Dua which can offer Bali’s beauty and not cost the earth.  There are many great offers from Traveloka for amazing places to stay and really are spoilt for choice.





If you read my blog then you will know that factoring in Scuba Diving in my travels is very important so researching diving in Indonesia is a must. Not only does Bali off some great dive sites there are also boat services taking you to the Gilis Island where the diving sites are said to be amazing.


Along with visiting the temples and rice fields Bali also has some amazing attention to visit such Ubud Monkey forest.
The Monkey Forest is home to over 600 monkeys called Macaque. This is a sacred forest with old temples to boot. For many people visiting Bali seeing the monkeys is one of its main attractions. Everyone wants to get up close and personal with these monkeys and maybe hoping to get that ultimate monkey selfie.



 You can also visit the local markets and farms, one that interested me the most is the coffee farm. I am an avid coffee lover and have read a few articles on the Coffee Farms you can visit.
On your visit, you can see how the coffee beans are roasted seeing what is involved in coffee making as well as being able to try a variety of teas and coffees. Yoga & spa resorts are very popular, with more and more yoga retreats opening up. Whether you just want to pamper yourself with a Spa Day or pamper your body, mind, and soul with a yoga retreat the choice is yours. Learning to surf has also become a very popular activity for both locals and visitors and it is an iconic surf destination. I never had the chance to take up surfing lesson when I was living in Australia so this would be an opportunity I would not miss again. Having untouched forests means you can also take up some water rafting or visit the spectral waterfalls. Bali really does have it all. So This is why Bali is my top destination to visit on my next visit to South East Asia. 


Have you been to Bali? What are your tips?

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