Travel Influencer | The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards

Travel Influencer | The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards

It’s that time again!! The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards are back in full swing!!

For some reason, they didn’t crop up in 2017 and I thought that was the end of it.

Every year I’ve been entered but never shortlisted *CRYING FACE*

But could 2018 be my year? What do you think guys? Have you been enjoying my travel content across my social media?

I would be eternally grateful if you could vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards. It really would mean so so so much to me!

Only takes 2-3 minutes.

Info To Make It A Little Easier for you 

Category: Travel Influencer

Instagram Handle: @leonie.parker

Followers: 10.7K


Subscribers:  14

Twitter Handle: @leonieXparker

Followers:  2K


Closing date is 28th February

Thank you so much!!!!!


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