My Top Travel Electronics

My Top Travel Electronics

The Camera & Lens

I got my Olympus Pen EPL7 mid last year and I must say it’s one of the best investments ever. When I first went travelling around AustraliaNew Zealand & Fiji back in 2014 I had a Canon 600D. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love this camera, I just found that because of its size it was a pain to carry about with me all the time. But when I came across the Olympus Pen, I feel in love. Not only did it look beautiful, it was a lot smaller and lightweight. I love the fact that it has wifi and I can download the photos straight on my phone and then to Dropbox ect. One of my great fears travelling it that I would lose my camera. I would actually be more upset losing the photos then the camera. Insurance can replace camera at the end of the day but not the beautiful photos. When doing most of my landscape shots I use with the standard 14-42mm lens, I find it works perfectly for these kind of shots. But my favourite lens has to be the 45mm Lens. I know this is most bloggers dream lens and I rightly agree. The lens is amazing to shoot in natural light giving the object a sharp focus and a nice blurred out back ground. An Absolute great for portrait pictures.

The Battery

I literally cannot go travelling without my Gopro Hero 4, being an avid Scuba Diver and lover of the ocean I spend most my time in water and this little beaut serves all my needs. Its small and light weight and so easy to carry around. I film most of my travel videos with my Go Pro and though the photos and camera quality isn't as good as the Olympus or other cameras it really is prefect to capture my underwater adventures. I look back on my videos from The Great Barrier Reef and Thailand in amazement at how good some of the footage is. There isn also and app for the Go Pro which makes it easy to up load to your phone.

The Battery

I feel like I am constantly charging my phone on a general day let alone when I travelling. The amount of pictures, videos; snapchats I tend to take really does run my phone battery out cold. That why having a portable battery is a life saver and the EasyAcc range is brilliant. It has 2 UBS ports and could charge your phone a good few times. This is a MUST have for any one travelling.

The Laptop

My MacBook is a dream come true for travelling, it’s so slimline and light weight that you couldn't tell the different between that and some Ipads. It’s so easy to carry about, fitting in any kind of hand luggage bag I my take with me. You couldn't ask for a better laptop to take on your travels.

My Gadgets

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