Top Dive Sites To Visit

Top Dive Sites To Visit

For me, I Always knew I would love diving even before I tried it. There is something so magical and relaxing being underwater, that you can’t really put into words.
Every dive is a totally different experience even for first timers to Divemasters.

I can’t explain enough how incredible this experience is and encourage others to try.

So this is a list the worlds top dive sites that you should experience. My goals would be to dive all these sites.


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Ko Toa, Thailand


Gili Island, Indonesia


Playa Del Carman, Mexico


Red Sea, Egypt


Great Blue  Hole, Belize


Coco Island, Costa Rica


Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo


I am lucky enough to have already dived the Great Barrier Reef which was one of the best experiences of my life (you can view my dives here and read all about my experience)

Next year I will be diving in Koh Tao which I’m so super excited for, I’m hoping to see some whale sharks out there as well as becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Have you dived any of these sites? What was your experience like? Would love to hear.


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