Sun Awareness Week – How To Be Safe In The Sun

Sun Awareness Week – How To Be Safe In The Sun


May 9th -15th 2016 is the British Association of Dermatologist Sun Awareness week. With summer slowing appearing in the UK I wanted to share some tips with you for staying protected in the sun.  As an avid traveller, visiting hot climates’ such as Australia, Thailand, and Dubai, Sun protection is always a major priority for me.
Not only can sunburn be painful, make you look like a lobster and ruin your time away. The longer-term damages can be devastating.

Here are some facts from The British Skin Foundation

  • Every day in UK two 15-34-year-olds are diagnosed with malignant melanoma
  • Seven people die every day from skin cancer (UK)
  • Over 100,000 cases of skin cancers are diagnosed every year in the UK
  • Malignant Melanoma is the fasted raising form of common cancer

Tips for Staying safe and protecting yourself in the sun

  • Apply Sunscreen before you go out in the sun and keep reapplying every couple of hours.
  • Always reapply sunscreen after being in the water
  • Wear protective clothing. I ways suggest a hot of some kind and a kaftan. One of my major tips would be to really make sure your cover when out on a boat. The breeze at sea can tick people into believing they are not burning by the sun but this is not the case.
  • The higher factor your sunscreen the better protected you will be, I’m not prone to burning in the sun but I would always start off with a 30SPF no matter what.
  • I always make sure I drink plenty of water when I’m in the sun. Being fully hydrated will not only look after your skin but every part of your body.
  • The midday sun is when it is at its strongest. Try and stay out of it if and when possible.
  • No your limits. Everyone skin is different so get to know yours.

Do you have any helpful tips for staying safe in the sun?


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