Santa, Pretty Please Can You Bring Me…… | Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Santa, Pretty Please Can You Bring Me…… | Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Ok, I'm a little past the stage of wish list to Santa but I always have a forever growing wish list for myself.

I never like to ask for big and expensive presents for Christmas as I'm a firm believer in that if I want something I work hard to get it.Always so much more rewarding.

And that is what I have done since I was a young teenager. I used to Iron for pocket money and then at 13 I got a paper round (the paper was so heavy on a Sunday I couldn't carry them), 15 worked in a pub kitchen. And when I turned 16 and started college I worked part-time in Tesco.

So when it comes to being asked what I want for my birthday and Christmas I always reply with, I don't NEED anything, I have what I want .

Well within reason anyway

I would love a Range Rover, a house, a holiday to Bora Bora. But this is my wish list and though it may not be achievable by Christmas I am hoping that I will be able to treat myself in 2017.
First and foremost I am dying to get my hands on the Canon EOS 5D,I've seen a lot of bloggers and photographers using this camera and the results they get are incredible. Not only would I like this camera for my blog but I want to start getting into photography more. But having a great camera is one thing, having a great lens is something else.

I would also love the get the 85mm, 50mm & 35mm and so the price keeps on mounting up and at this rate I'll need a lotto win!!

Next on my list is a beautiful coat from Ted baker. I don't normally make investments in coats as I'm in constant denial that summer is over but this year I've really got into the autumn/winter vibe. This coat is sooooo me, I love the style, the colour and material of the coat. It does retail at £299 which I normally wouldn't even consider buying but I just feel in love the first time I saw it.

I absolutely adore watching Lydia Elise Millen's videos and she is always saying how the By Terry CC Serum is her holy grail and it just looks fantastic on her. I think this would be an amazing product to take with me on my travels and holidays next year.

I also want to invest in the L’Oréal Steam Pod as I'm really trying to get my hair to a much healthier condition. Finding a great styling product has been hard for me. I had been using Carman heat curlers which my mum got for her 18th birthday. Hands down they were the best curlers I've ever used and they were going on 40 years old. Can you envision styling tools now lasting 40 years? NAHHHH. Sadly my rollers pass away this year (RIP)

In 2017 I want to get my blog and Youtube to really bloom which means being much more organised and keeping on top of it all.  I came across the Happiness planner in mint and have really fallen in love it, as I do love the colour. I think its wicked how not only does it help with organisation but gives you positivity every day. Along with this planner I would love to get the pen set and this case from
So we will see what Santa bring me this Christmas. But more to the point what 2017 will bring and what I will achieve and be able to reward my hard work with.

Let me know what's on your wish list? What will you be working towards in 2017?