Sailing The Komodo Islands | A Waterfall And A Wedding

Sailing The Komodo Islands | A Waterfall And A Wedding

So the third day of my trip gets a little bit hazy because the guides didn’t stick to the original itinerary.

I started the day on Moyo Island where we had a short trek to the waterfall. Claiming up the waterfall didn’t take long at all and when I managed to get midway to the top the tour guide whipped out she shampoo so we could all wash our hair under the fresh falling water. Let me tell you, after 3 days of no shower this felt like the best wash of my life. I mean it was no herbal essence advert but it felt good.

We were then given the offer to attend a wedding. The captain ’s son was getting married as he invited us to come along.  So before we headed off to the village we enjoyed fresh coconuts and the sunset on the beach. It was the perfect way to spend the last evening on the trip.

The village was off the beaten track on Sumbawa and so didn’t get many if at all any tourists coming by and it made everyone feel like we were celebrities. The local cooked us up the most amazing authentic feast and really couldn’t have been more hospitable to us.

We then proceeded to watch the wedding, which was more like watching a concert. It was an incredible honour and experience to be allowed to be a part of the wedding ceremony. We were truly lucky to experience this much raw true culture.

Once the wedding was over we headed back to the boat where we sailed for the last night till we reach the end destination of Lombok.

Sailing the Komodo Islands is an incredible experience and I would tell anyone to consider it when travelling to Indonesia. My only regret is not doing any scuba diving around the islands as its meant to be out of this world.


The Tour: I booked the 4 Day/3 Night Flores to Lombok Tour with Wanua Adventure. The cost was £100* per person.  

What to Pack – Food Additions: Extra snacks and food. You are provided 3 meals a day with biscuits and fruit snacks but you may want to back extra.
Alcohol & soft drinks. You are provided water and tea/coffee (black no milk provided) and there aren’t that many shops along to way.

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