Sailing the Komodo Islands | Becoming The Mother Of Dragons

Sailing the Komodo Islands | Becoming The Mother Of Dragons

So I was off again to my next stop on my Indonesian adventure.
After leaving the amazing Gili T island which has played host to me for the last 5 days, I headed to Lombok to catch a flight to Labuan Bajo, Flores.
Labuan Bajo is the place you need to go if you are interested in sailing the Komodo Islands or experiencing some of the best dive sites that Indonesia has to offer.
I was only staying one night on the mainland and booked up at the Green Hill Boutique, which was pretty reasonable for the price and had amazing views of the sunsets.
Another bonus of staying there that I didn’t know when booking was that our tours shop was right opposite the hotel.

I had done a little research and chosen to do the sailing tour with Wanua Adventure and do the 4 Days 3 nights Sailing Tour from Flores to Lombok.
In hindsight, I kind of wish I spent more money and went to a more “upmarket” boat but I’ll explain why later on.

Day 1
We set off from Labuan Bajo about 7:30 am and headed towards our first stop Rina Island. This is the first stop in the tour where you can get the chance to see some amazing Komodo dragons as well as hiking the island and checking out the incredible views.
At this point, I was channelling my inner Targaryen being surrounded by the dragons. It defiantly was Khaleesi moment.

The next stop was Pink Beach. Now I must say the beach didn’t look as pink as I imagined, if at all but was a great stop to do some snorkelling and swim up to the beach and have some chill time.

The last main stop on day 1 was Komodo Island and as you can guess this was the home place of the dragons and another great stop to trek the island and seek out the dragons.

For the first night, you stop on Pardar Island, with the most breathtaking sunset ever.

Day two to be continued…..


The Tour: I booked the 4 Day/3 Night Flores to Lombok Tour with Wanua Adventure. The cost was £100* per person.  

What to Pack – Food Additions: Extra snacks and food. You are provided 3 meals a day with biscuits and fruit snacks but you may want to back extra.
Alcohol & soft drinks. You are provided water and tea/coffee (black no milk provided) and there aren’t that many shops along to way.

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