My Must Do Tips For Preparing For A Holiday

My Must Do Tips For Preparing For A Holiday


Many years ago I saw a psychic and was told to always look over my travel documents before heading off on my trips. Yes, I know what your thinking, ‘What an obvious and generic thing to be said by a psychic’ but its something that has always stuck with me.

This piece of “psychic advice” has saved me from a few near misses with my travels. Once in Thailand, I book an internal flight out of the wrong airport and on my recent trip to the Philippines I have book a hotel on totally wrong dates. It was lucky that I checked all my documentation ahead of my travels and was able to amend my booking.


You would think this tip would be pretty obvious but I’m still surprised how many people go aboard without any insurance. I cannot stress enough how important it is to cover yourself when aboard. We are blessed to have an institute that is the NSH in the UK which often makes us unaware of just how much medical care actually costs in other countries and trust me it’s not cheap.

Now I will admit that my main reason behind getting travel insurance is to make sure all my camera equipment and electronics gear is cover because heaven forbid if anything got lost, damaged or stolen as I could never be able to replace it all.

But more importantly, it’s the safety and security for yourself and your loved ones.

Back in 2014 I and my best friend book out first backing adventure and it was the most thrilling and exciting moment of my life. After booking the flights and accommodation the sales agent turned to my friends and said have you got insurance and if not would she like to purchase some. My friend outright said No and no thanks to the sale guy then turn round and said well are you thinking of doing any extreme sports? Maybe skydiving? To which my friend replied yes. Well, what if something were to happen to when skydiving said the sale agent.

My friend replied with a comment that made me chuckle which was along the lines of “Well I probably wouldn’t survive so won’t be my problem any more”. She was a hard sell but the agent didn’t give up. He then said Ok, but how will your family get your body home? Do you know its extremely expensive? I guess you could look at cremation that would be a lot cheaper. And that was the nail on the head for my friend. She has always had a strong will that she would never be cremated (I know this is turning morbid) so that was that. She brought insurance.

So remember insurance is not just a piece of mind for you but that of your family too if anything serious was to occur. I know of situations where people with no insurance have been badly injured and the family could barely cover medical costs or were unable to fly there loved ones home. Travel insurance companies such as Bupa can offer fantastic packages to suit your needs as well as giving a piece of mind to your self and loved ones back home.


I always make sure I have extra medication then what I would actually need to cover my time abroad in case I was to lose any as it will save the aggro and expense of having to see a doctor abroad to obtain a new prescription. I’m not on any life dependent medications but this could well apply to all medication as well but I believe in a case of serious medication you can get a letter from your GP with all medications listed.
If you suffer from any issues its always best to seek medical advice first. My partner seriously injured his keen a week before we were due to fly to the Phillippines so we had quite a few trips to seek out medical advice and the best course of action.

I also wear contact lens and though I do take extra pairs on longer trips I have been in situations where I need to buy some more. I always take my prescription with me so I can purchase more as some opticians do not give them out without one so if find yourself in this situation and do not have your prescription you may have to pay for an eye test before you can buy any.


Some Extra Little Tip Bits 

  • Planning to use a local sim card while abroad? Make sure you get your phone unlocked by your provider before you set off
  • Always check you have the correct visas for travels
  • Scan all important documents and save them to online accounts such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drives so you can access from any device and always have a copy of your passport
  • MapsMe app will allow you to use maps without any internet
  • Apps such Find Friend will allow your family back home to see where you are in the world. Great for long trips and mums love it

What are your top tips for preparing for your travel?


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*This post is in collaboration with Bupa but as always is my 100% honest opinion and own words.