My Fitness Update – 1 Year On

My Fitness Update – 1 Year On

1 Year On

Since returning from my travels a year ago (where has the time gone) I have thrown myself into fitness and been on the gym hype. I have managed to lose two stone so far and got myself into the best shape of my life. I  really do feel a lot more toned, strong and healthy.
Even though I have come quite away from where I was last year and reached my previous goals I still aimed to improve myself with my health and fitness. As they say it has to be a lifestyle change and so it has. I am so much more clued up on foods, workouts and my body, that it had 100% changed me for the better.

Keep It Up


Set Yourself A Goal: Long-term and short terms goals are always a great thing to set, they could be, “I must work out 3 times a week” or ” I want to be able to life X amount by X date”. For me having goals keeps me forced and motivated. Sometimes I’m unable to reach my goals, there may be weeks where work and personal commitments prevent me working out as much but I don’t lose heart, I just think tomorrow is another day and next week will be better.

Trying New Things: Recently I’ve got myself a personal trainer, and boy is it hard work. I tried boxing for the first time which nearly killed me but I loved it. I’ve also started training with the free weight which I never have done before.

 Inspo: I love following other fitness bloggers for inspiration and tips. I feel that in the past year or so there has been such a growth in the community of women’s fitness and I love it. Some of my favourites are Zanna Van Dijk Kayla Itsines, Fitness Toast and Carly Rowena.



Eat Eat Eat

My knowledge of foods has been one of the things that have grown the most in the last year. I’ve tried lots of new foods that I never would have thought of before and have a very healthy diet (most of the time).
Don’t get me wrong if I  want a chocolate bar I will have one, or if I want a glass of wine I will (sometime the whole bottle shouldn’t have been done). I don’t believe I have to deprive myself of the things I like, just to have them in moderation.

One person I have followed a lot this year is The Body Coach, if you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks you probably been living under a rock. His quick and quirky videos on Instagram have fast made him the go-to guy for lean meal ideas.

– Chia Seeds – I normally add Chia seeds to my breakfast. Chia seeds have great health benefits such and are high protein & high fibre.

-Coconut Oil – I cook all my food with coconut oil as its natural and better for you than other oils. Coconut Oil has such great benefits and purposes (not just for cooking) that it should be in everyone cupboard.

– Green Tea – I love my green tea, I normally opt for Green Tea with mint and drink at least 4 cups a day. Green tea has great benefits and helps with the aid of weight loss. So if your goal is to lose weight, then get drinking green tea. Another thing I found is that if I’ve had a cheeky too many on a night out and not feeling 100% the next morning, Green Tea really help with the hangover (that and raspberries)

– Muscle Food – Muscle Food provides premium meats and many other health products. They have such an amazing range of foods and they are now my go too company for buying my meat. If you’re interested in trying Muscle Food for yourself use my code LP295074 to get some freebies with your first order.

-Fresh Fruit & Veg
My new thing to do is visit local farm shops and markets for my fruit and veg needs. I like the fact that I’m helping the local community by buying my food from them and also that you know It’s going to be a lot fresher than supermarket packed items.

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