Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud

Hey, Lovelies!

So the first stop on my Bali bucket list was the Monkey Forest in Ubud. I love animals so any chance to get up close to them is a dream come true for me.

Now I had read a lot of horror stories of how the monkeys are treated badly by the keepers but I can honestly say I didn’t witness any ill-treatment. I also read about monkeys attacking but again I never saw or had no issues.

The entrance fee is 50,0000IDR per person and you can buy bunches of bananas to feed the monkeys for 30,000-50,000IDR. You will need to buy a bunch if you want the classic monkey on the shoulder picture.

You will really only need like 1-2 hours to look around but the forest is right in the heart of Ubud city centre so it’s a great opportunity to look around and find some great shops and restaurants. I recommend Pundi-Pundi, its right around the corner and the food is amazing!

You can also watch my Monkey Forest Vlog here.

What animals would you love to get up close and personal too?

Watch me and the monkeys in action here.


Getting There: A Taxi from my resort cost around £3.85*/70,000IDR

Fees: There is an entrance fee of £2.75/50,000IDR and a bunch of Bananas will cost up to £2.75*/50,000IDR depending on the size of the bunch.

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