Whenever i feel like I’m getting ill I tend to top up on the vitamins and drink a load of orange juice to try boost up my immune system. Exercising and getting your sweat on can help to strengthen it, and it’s actually quite amazing when you come to think of it; how a simple routine of a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your mind and body. I’ve got to say, being a fit bunny I do like exploring all types of exercises. From yoga to crossfit to even martial arts, each one is different and has its own unique effects and benefits. Being healthy depends on your immune system and I wanted to know more on which training is the most effective. Recently, I have got back into some martial arts classes and realised big improvements in my body and health overall. After this I wanted to read up on how a particular sport like martial arts can improve the immune system and more.
Taking some martial arts training is actually one of the best ways to prevent diseases and boost positive changes in the body’s natural healing systems. Our bodies are made for moving and not just sitting on the couch all day, when there is physical movements in our body it can help function our human organ system properly by pumping blood around our bodies and to our brains.
The movements found in martial arts are high cardio aerobic workouts, and depending how often you train and which technique you do, this will determine the muscle groups and muscle mass used in the exercise. Like in kickboxing you will be working your leg muscles and increase your aerobic capacity at the same time. Taking into consideration the amount of time you spend training and the type of martial arts training whether it be judo, karate, boxing or taekwondo, it can affect the body and its systems in many positive ways.
After a few good sessions, you will start to notice some changes and these can be improvements in your blood pressure, blood supply to muscles, capacity of somatic muscles and liver, calcium metabolism and more. I know what you’re thinking, can it really do all these? Yes it can, it has been proven and these improvements translate into better functioning of the body and brain and reduces risks for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, mental depression and even cancer. Always remember that your immune system is your shield, it is your most powerful protector. When you know effective ways to strengthen your immune system, use them frequently and you’ll feel healthier and happier.
Not only is martial arts great for your health and body, it gives us a better, more focused brain too and many studies has agreed that martial arts helps with our emotional, behavioral and physiological changes in the mind. Myself and my friends have realised we’re in a better mood and our energy levels has boosted, as well as our self confidence and self esteem has all increased. I’m not as stressed as I used to be and whenever I deal with a sticky situation I am able to take a step back and control my stress. I strongly recommend martial arts to anyone and it’s never too late to start. To have a better understanding on the different techniques, have a browse through Martial Tribes which you can see what is what. Training in martial arts has kept me strong with a better attitude towards life, and it’s a great mental and physical health program for anyone.
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