Making My Tummy BioHappy

Making My Tummy BioHappy

Some of you may have read on my blog over the years that I’ve had a few stomach issues and I use the word few lightly. I haven’t gone into detail about my tummy trials and tribulations (but I do plan to at some point) so I’ll give you a very brief overview.
It all first started a few years back when I first got diagnosed with IBS. After years of suffering my ups and downs with it (mainly downs), I hit a period where my stomach and health was at an all-time low. Knowing that this was something more than IBS I went to and from the doctors relentlessly until I got diagnosed with diverticulitis. The medication got me back to a good enough state, not anywhere near perfect but a lot better than I had been in a long time though still suffering from the regular symptoms that IBS brings.
I’ve recently been trying out the Bioglan’s Bio Happy range, Superfood Cultures and Daily Cultures. The Bio Happy is a formulated range of products to support your digestive and gut microbiome health. I found the Daily Cultures flavour (which is a berry flavour) very drinkable and tasty and easy to have with water. The Superfood Cultures drink is more of a cocoa flavour and I found it not so easy to have with water. So with this flavour, I would suggest having it with milk/almond milk or adding into a protein shake as I did.

I have definitely seen some good results. My stomach normally bubbles and gurgles a lot after I eat and I get a very uncomfortable feeling but I haven’t really had any of that since trying out Bio Happy which is a great result!
I’m still bloating a bit after I eat. I think I may have a new trigger food for this which I’m going to have to figure out. It also could be that I changed jobs and eating routines or even the stress of it as stressing in a major trigger which such things as IBS.

This is a product I’m going to keep up with. Fingers crossed I see even more results from using it longer. I’m always open to trying new products that help with my health and always thrilled to get great results!
Got Tummy Troubles? Let me know what products you have used and would recommend?

*I have been gifted a BioHappy by Bioglan but this post is of my own opinions. Always.

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