Loving Your Inner Geek

Loving Your Inner Geek

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When asked to describe my best personal traits my best friends would always say I am a passionate person. I love what I love and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. They are the things that make me happy and that’s all that matters.

So reverse back to my younger 13-year-old teenage self as I start Stage Coach School on a Sunday despite all my friends having fun and playing out. The 13-year old me already had goals, ambitions and plans.

At 11 years old I was so obsessed with Dolphins and their conservation that I asked my Mum if I could adopt a Dolphin for my birthday present. No new Barbie, game station or roller blades. I wanted to give to charity which I continued to do with my own wages in later years. This always baffled people but if you know my blog you will know my unconditional love for marine life.

As a child/teenager, I had a lot of hobbies and interests which would often be deemed uncool to other kids. It was never an issue to the point that I would stop doing what I loved or even bullied for it. But the sad fact is that kids often drop hobbies as they fear what others would say.

I always believe that if you have conviction in what you love and share it with the world then people would have more of an understanding and respect for it rather than hiding it away to which people become unsettled and think it should be something to hide. I Think when people have somewhat of an understanding they are accepting.

For instance blogging; at first, I kind of hid what I was doing from my friends. They would then think I’d gone bonkers taking a load of selfies, doing millions of post on my social media and asking them to take photo after photo of me. Once I explained everything about my blog they are fully supportive of me even though it's not something that would interest them.

The same goes for my Mum as she would always think I was a complete oddball taking pictures of my food and every time she would remark at it. But now she kind of knows what the world of blogging and social media is about she doesn't say it anymore (just waiting for the "talking to myself" comments when vlogging / doing Youtube videos in my bedroom haha)

Conviction equals others understanding and in their understanding is acceptance.

Now, this is not to say you need acceptance from anyone. But I found that if you are open to the things you do and love people will be more understanding and when people understand they are a lot more accepting.

I guess my message here is to just be proud and outspoken about what you love doing or have an interest in no matter how geeky others may deem it. In periods of life, happiness can often come in short supply so hold on tight to the things that bring out your happy self and don't let some take that from you.


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