It’s a London Thing: Casinos

It’s a London Thing: Casinos

When you mention casinos London isn’t the first place you think of But gambling and London have a long history, starting with King Henry VIII and his love of gambling, he was a passionate dice man.

In 1820s William Crockford opened Crockford Casino (with the help of the Duke of Wellington), Crockfords now being one the oldest Casinos in London.

You may also link the London Casino scene to the super rich and upper class society. Most casinos do not set this picture; you imagine a standard night begin filled with booze and lots of screams (from shear disappointment or outright luck).

That being said the “Big Six” casinos do cater to some ofthe “elite” society. The six casinos are The Ritz Club, The Clermont, Crockfords, Crown Aspinalls Les Ambassadeurs and Maxims.

The casinos are based mostly in Mayfair and Kensington. These casinos are where you can see people win and lose a lifetime worth of money. No joke, these are where the big boys go to play.


I have wanted to do the whole casino scene since I was 20 and wanted to visit Vegas for my 21st.

But sadly my plans did not reach a reality. Probably for the best as at 21 I could imagine it turning into a scene from The Hangover, doing a lot of shots on the roof top with my She-Pack!

But until then I’ll enjoy the casino’s London has to offer, and I’ll defiantly try practicing in a no deposit online casino before to gain myself some skills. I know it’s a favourite for a lot of my male friends to attends casinos for birthday and other celebrations but it is also a great night out for females as well.

I visited Perth Crown Casino when I was living in Australia for my friend’s birthday and we had a blast.

The Asper Casino at Westfield’s in Stratford seems to be a favourite with my friends. It’s easy to get to with loads of restaurants and shops around the vicinity. In my opinion London defiantly has a good casino scene to offer.

Have you visited the casinos in London? I would love you know your experience. What ones would you recommend?

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