Living To My Own Time Line | Life Of Lo

Living To My Own Time Line | Life Of Lo


I’ve recently celebrated yet another birthday. Yes, another year older and another year wiser……..

And I must admit it has made me think that its another year on and I’m really no closer to those major life goals then I was a year ago! (Ok well I did move in with my boyfriend so that something at least)

It just seems to me that at the moment everyone around me seems to be getting engaged, married or popping out babies while having had their mortgage for a fair few years. But not me.

It’s not that I feel in any way left out that my friends and peers have reached these pivotal points in their life but it often makes me feel like I’m a failure and so far behind everyone else.

Am I failing? Should I have my act together by now? Should I not have a mortgage by now? What am I doing wrong? These are questions I often ask myself.

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Not that I regret the life choices that have set me “back” per say. I mean I did move to Australia and been on many travelling adventures which I wouldn’t change for the world, but as you can imagine that was a big bye-bye to any mortgage savings.

Not that I could have got one on my own if I did. Big shout out to those of you who are single and have managed to get a mortgage on your own, hats off to you. I would have never been able to of done it on my own.

Now I’m in a relationship us saving and getting a joint mortgage to seem a lot more realistic.


Sometimes I do stress that I will have the fear of missing out if all my friends all start have babies together, all going on play dates and having coffee morning in costa. But then I think BEACH, SAND, RUM, SUN and I’m like nahhhhhhhhhh won’t be missing out at all.

I feel like it will be another 10 years before I’ll be ready for marriage and babies. I still feel like there’s so much I need to do and committed my hard earn cash and time too.

I just feel so much in limbo at this stage of my life. Its like I almost have to admit defeat and give up my younger carefree self in order to reflect what I’m told is expected of me at this stage of life ( damn you society!)

Do you ever feel like this? I would love to know your thoughts.

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