Why I’ve Gone Vegan | My Plant Based Diet Journey

Why I’ve Gone Vegan | My Plant Based Diet Journey

2018 saw the rise of Veganuary (Vegan January) across the Twitter and Instagram Sphere.

But alas, I didn’t join in, I want too, I had every intention of doing so but January saw me pretty Ill.

I was seeing a gastroenterologist as I was very ill and having a server flare up with my ISB to the point I was having tests and a colonoscopy to see if I may have been misdiagnosed and actually have IBD, they also took biopsies to see if it might be micro colitis.

So, January was a bit of a losing battle when it came to my bowels and eating and I didn’t fancy changing my diet completely in case I got any worse.

So even though I really liked the idea of going Vegan for January it just didn’t happen.

I’d also just like to state that I use the term vegan loosely. In all honesty, I’m someone on a plant-based diet rather than being an actual vegan. Veganism is a way of life, a way of thinking and a way of being rather than just the diet and food you are consuming.

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How My Eyes Were Opened

The last weekend of January was like any other really. It’s was a Friday night, I had cracked open a bottle of wine, and was spending a lazy couch night with my other half binging on Netflix.

While he popped to the shops, I decided to flick through the documentaries and came across “What The Health”, at this stage I had not headed about or known its content.

Shortly after I started the BF returned and had the instant remark of “What have you put on now” (he knows I love a documentary haha).  But we were both instantly engrossed with it.

All I’ll say is if you haven’t seen it you need too! It’s eye-opening! It really made us think long about what we were putting in our bodies and we decided then we wanted to change things.

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The Transition

I didn’t go straight into a plant-based diet. I decide to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan, but I had already stopped eating most dairy product a while back due to my stomach issues.
Transitioning gave my body time to adapted and also time for myself to research and prepare.

Preparing is so vital. I spent hours looking at vegan recipes and getting my vegan shopping list together, I had no excuse to fail.

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I have found YouTube and Pinterest a great source of information on Veganism and going on a plant-based diet. Channels like That Vegan Couple, Grace Fit UK and Deliciously Ella has been informative and have inspiring recipes.

Tips Prep & Plan Like A Boss

Make sure you have researched some good recipes and make a detailed shopping list for your first Vegan shop.
And don’t think that it’s going to cost the earth. Farmers markets are a great place to get your fresh fruit or veg and is so much better quality and cheaper than supermarkets.

Freezing your food is a great way to reduce waste. I also love but the frozen chopped garlic, chill, onions, ginger etc. from supermarkets as well. It’s a game changer. If you had a long day and not feeling prepping all the veg or the meal then you can just get these ingredients out the freezer and whip a quick meal.

I’ve just invested in a soup maker (also does smoothies) and it’s such a great investment. Another great way to do easy meals.

Eating out hasn’t been much of a challenge. Most places have their menus online so you can check beforehand and plenty of places have vegan options or are willing to cater upon request.

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The Key To Treating IBS

This is no word of a lie. The last week, since I have gone complete plant-based, has changed my IBS life completely. For the first time in say 7 years, I have normal bowel movements! I didn’t think I would ever feel like this again. No stomach pain, hardly any bloating, I don’t feel sick or ill or have any other ISB symptoms after eating.

I have tones of energy and genuinely feeling fantastic.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and give you a more detailed post on my IBS issues.

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Weight Loss Results

Here are my results after my first full week on a plant-based diet. I’m pretty chuffed to get these result in just 7 days.

Weight  -5lbs

Body Fat %  -1.1%

Waist -2.5cm

Hips -2cm

Chest -4cm

Tummy Pooch -2cm

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and give you a more detailed post on my IBS issues. 


*Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional or nutritionist and these tips are purely from my own experiences. Please speak to your GP or medical professional if you have any dietary concerns.

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