How I’m Upping My Blog Game For 2018

How I’m Upping My Blog Game For 2018


It’s a New Year which means goals, dreams, and New Year’s resolutions will come to light and what we want to achieve for 2018 is more focused than ever.
For me, one of my main goals this year is to really work on my blog as I do have a tendency to neglect for periods of time.
I often find it hard working a fulltime job and studying for chartered qualifications to give my blog the time and effort I would like.
But this year I’ve decided if I pin down what I really need to focus on and have a good blog/business plan I will have a clear path on how to achieve my goals.

So here are a few steps I’m taking to take my blog to the next level.


When doing endless hours of research, I read time and time again how invaluable Pinterest is to drive traffic to your blog. You can share links to your blog on all your social media streams but this is going to be your golden ticket.
I use it all the time to get ideas, inspiration and tips and  I’m always pinning posts to my boards. It truly does comes in helpful for all my blogging tips and advice which you can find here.
My action is to create cover pictures for each post that are pleasing to the eye. A great app and website for this are Canva.
Once I’ve completed this for all my old posts I hope to see a lot more pinning leading to higher traffic and engagement.

Revamping Old Blog Posts

I’ve made it one of my missions to go through and revamp all my old blog posts and pictures. I’ve been doing spell check reviews, checking any dead links, and will be reviewing Keywords once I get a better understating of them.
One major aspect of change was the featured images on each of my posts. My photography skills and camera were not great back in 2014 or as they are today so I decided to change up some pictures. A good tip if you haven’t got a new replacement that relates to the post but you want to update it until you do, is to use some free stock photos from either Unsplash and Pexels. This has defiantly made my blog look fresher.

Facebook groups

Now I do share my blog posts on my Facebook page but the reach isn’t always good as its only shown to the number of people following my page. Facebook groups, on the other hand, are a great way to engage with bloggers on a bigger scale. I find that if people are asking questions or after advise on certain destinations or topics and I have written about it, then a great way to showcase my post while helping others.
The groups are also a great way of seeking advice and content as well as establishing relationships with other bloggers.
I’ve actually started my own the Facebook group for travel and Lifestyle bloggers if you would like to join. I want it to be a place where we can all engagement and support each other.


Where do I start with SEO? That the question I’ve been asking myself time and time again when I’ve tried the tackle this topic. I’ve been pinning post after post on Pinterest on SEO and watching hourly videos on the topic but still finding it hard to get my head around. What I have taken away is to use Keyword planner in Ad Word to get a better understanding of the searches in google. I’ve also hired an SEO expert on Fivver to give me a starting point and help with my SEO and Keywords. It was around £3o which I see it as a very good investment for my blog.


Do you have any tips for me? 


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