I Got Assaulted On Train Because Of My Skin | Psoriasis

I Got Assaulted On Train Because Of My Skin | Psoriasis

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you probably haven’t seen my drunken rant last Thursday night. But don’t worry it still in my ‘Psoriasis’ highlight if you want to check it out.

So last Thursday night I had my works Christmas party at the Tower of London, which was fabulous. I love a bit of the Christmas glitz and glam and of course, its a chance to get dressed up, have a few Prececcos and enjoy a great time with my colleagues.

I went in a standard cocktail dress/heels outfit and luckily it was quite a warm night for December to have the legs outs. It was a no tights night indeed. 

Of course, I did a little fashion show to my boyfriend to get his opinion on the outfit and knowing how bad my psoriasis was on my foot I actually got him to take a picture of it so I could decide whether to use cover up or not. I decided I wouldn’t need it as I didn’t think anyone would notice or comment on it. And they didn’t until the train journey home……

Psoriasis On Foot

On the block of seats next to where I was sitting sat 3 guys, obviously who had a few to drink but hey that all good yer? And was all good until one of them saw my psoriasis on my foot and decided me would continually verbally abuse me about it. His comments yer ‘Errrr What is that?’. ‘What wrong with you?’ ‘I bet your foot smells’ and so on. I must admit that I’ve has Psoriasis a lot worse then what I do currently but these comments made me extremely uncomfortable. I gave a few one-word answers and tried to ignore them as best I could but being a lone female on a train with 3 blokes insulting you it a very dicey situation. Normally I would have just told them to do one but when alcohols involved you never know how to a situation can turn.

So I stuck my earphones in to blocked them out, and they stopped, for a while at least. As I had my earphone in I pretended to not hear them, but when they started again one of them actually physically decided to start pushing my shoulder to get my attention. I was like WTF! Don’t touch me (in my mind at least), and took out my earphones to hear them go on about my foot, going on with stupid comments like asking me about what foot I use to kick a ball, if it was my bad one,  followed by some kinda of silly sexual reference I didn’t get.

At this point, I was like, get me off this bloody train now. I’m surrounded by morons and I’ve had enough!

Now, this experience hasnt upset me or made me feel bad about myself. Its made me so bloody angry. Verbal abusing someone who is alone about an illness or condition is just so disgusting. Being a female on their own late at night makes this experience for me a lot scarier. Normally  I would tell them of them (in polite turn for the blog) To Do One!! 

But you never know how drunk people might react so its always best to be cautious in a situation like I was in. 

That’s not to say I think these guys were outright evil human beings, I think they were drunk nieve little twats that need some education and manners. 

I had a fabulous night at my works party and I’m not going to let a few little boys (definitely not men) ruin that for me.

There are always going to be narrow-minded, dumb people in the world that can make you feel bad whether that’s there intent or just their stupidity.

I mean this was only a little patch on my foot. I’ve had it much, much worse over my body and never had a situation like this! Since when do males have such options on women’s feet hey?

Psoriasis On Foot Psoriasis On Foot

Have you ever had a situation like this? How did you deal with it? 

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