How To Plan for Travelling | My Travel Planning Tips

How To Plan for Travelling | My Travel Planning Tips

I’m a Geek. I love making list and plans.
But saying that I do like to be spontaneous and do things on a whim. I blame it on my Gemini nature.

So that being said some of my favourite parts of travelling is the planning.
Sometimes I just know where I’m going to go and the route I will take. This might be from general reading or seeing things on the destination to people recommendations but generally, this means that I don’t put too much effort into researching and planning.
And then there are times, like my Philippines trip where I have just booked the flights and am absolutely clueless about the What, When, Where, Hows.

So I wanted to share with you some of the ways I get information, ideas and inspiration as part of my travel planning process.


My first point of call is to always seek out travel blog for first-hand advice and experience. It is a goldmine for information on things to do, what to budget and what to avoid, and you know its coming as first-hand experience.

Some great travel blogs I have gone to over the years are Where’s Mollie, The Blonde Abroad, Backpacker Banter and Girl Tweets World, that’s just to name a few of the amazing blogs out there.

How to plan for travelling


Who needs a travel agent when you have Instagram? With hashtags and geotagging, I find myself spending countless hours searching the gram and finding amazing inspirational content.

Whether it be a hotel or hostel, an unknown secluded beach, a tour company or an Island I’ve never heard of, the tagging allows for the endless possibility for your upcoming travels.


YouTube is golden. Watching people’s travel videos and Vlogs gives you a more authentic “right there” kind of feel. You get a more realist idea of some places.

For example, I’ve been obsessed with Lost LeBlanc’s videos of the Philippines that it has given me such an insight into places that I would not have thought of going before I watched them.

How to plan for travelling


Who doesn’t love a good pin? Not only is it a great way of finding new blogs posts and other content, but I also find it a great way to save and organised posts that I found inciteful and inspirational.

It is then a 100% easier to refer back to the post while making it accessible to my followers that might be interested in.


This is probably been one of the most beneficial ways to ask for advice on a destination that I’ve ever encountered. I’m apart of groups like Girsvsglobe, Girls Love Travel and Travelettes on Facebook and the community support is amazing.

Got a question or concern? Just post it in the group and the people that can help you are more than willing to give you all that you need. It great to also help others out with their travel plans where you can.

People travelling solo also use it as a way to meet up in destinations with like-minded people.

How to plan for travelling


Every time I start to plan my travels I like to get a new notebook. I start off jotting down ideas, then the itinerary, where I’m staying and what I’m doing. And the notebook isn’t just for pre-travel. I always take the same book I did my planning in with me to write down all my spend and cost to keep on the budget as well as to refer back to for my blog.

And as you can guess I also use it as my travel journal.

I love that I have a book to look back too from the beginning to the end of that particular adventure.

I would love to know how you plan for your travels! Leave a comment below on your best tips.

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