Getting Life Organised For The New Year

Getting Life Organised For The New Year

Is organising your life and making sure that you have more time on your hands one of your New Year’s resolution? What to be more efficient?

Don’t we all hey………

I generally like to think of myself as an organised individual though there are times in my life where that might not seem to case (we can’t all avoid those spanners that get thrown in the works).

I find that now I’m am a London commuter as well as trying to run my blog, being organised takes a lot of stress off me as I know where I'm at and what I need to do.

So these are few tip I stick too to be more life organised.

Pack Handbag Night Before – Every night before I go to sleep I always make sure I have everything I need in my bag for the next day. Be it train tickets, keys, charger, key fob or even bigger items like my laptop. I’m currently using the Knomo Organiser bag which is a game changer in my daily work routine.

It has lots of compartments to organise the content of my bag. There is an outer back compartment I like putting my trains tickets and work key fob in for easy access. Inside I like to put my door key in a little pocket so I don’t have to be routeing around in the dark trying to find them. It also has a laptop pocket that can contain up to a 15” laptop. Such a top organiser bag!

Write it down – Investing in a good planner or diary is key. I finally bought myself A Filofax personal organiser for 2017 and I’m in love with it.  I personally find that writing things down helps me remember. Keeping to do lists is also a good practice to get into. Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly it helps you gauge where you’re at with your tasks.

Set Reminders - Even though I do not use my phone or computer to keep track of my schedules and appointments I like to use my phone to set reminders for when I have time-dependent tasks from getting to the post office before it closes, making a call I arranged, or getting ready to head to a meeting I like to set alarms on my phone to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

Other little tips that help me get organised is planning my outfits the night before and meal prepping from my breakfast so it’s ready in the morning, lunch to take to work or dinner so it all ready to cook when I get home.

Would love to know your tips on how you keep organised!

*This post contains PR samples from Knomo. As always all post content is my own. 

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