Escape to Gili Trawangan

Escape to Gili Trawangan

After spending an amazing 5 days in Ubud, it was time to set off from Bali to Gili Trawangan. I got a fast boat from Bali which took about 2 hours or so to reach the Island. I must warn you that depending on what boat you get, prepare to get wet. No surprise as this is notorious for being the party island and a hot destination for backpackers.

The accommodation of choice for the island was Good Vibe Bungalows, it was a quaint little wicker hut with had such tropical vibes. The staff were friendly and it was kept clean, so no complaints here.

I was surprised that the island was more chilled then I was expecting. I imagined it to be a lot like the party Islands in Thailand but it was a lot more mellow.

As for things to do, I would recommend hiring a bike and cycling around the island as it only takes 45minutes to an hour and you can find some great beach stops and snorkelling points.

For me, Scuba Diving was a must and I can say this was one of the best dived I’ve ever done. I saw so many turtles, sharks and an octopus.

And you can’t forget to get the famous sing shot with Gili’s amazing sunsets. There are a few beach bars that have the swing, my favoured was Exile.

For food, there is such a variety of choice but you have to try Scallywags at least once. Not only is it a beautiful restaurant on the beach it has so much beautiful freshly cooked food of your choice. I went for Lobster, it was so mouthwatering nom nom.

Also, you must try Kayu Café, you can get great juices and smoothie bowl. It all tastes so delicious and have so many healthy options.

Have you been to Gili T? What was your favourite part?

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