Diving in Gili T | Dive Central Gili

Diving in Gili T | Dive Central Gili

So I got to partake in my very own Blue Plant in Gili T when I went Scuba diving in the amazing Indonesian waters. I have been to some great dive sites like the Great Barrier Reef and Thailand but the amount of marine life I saw in Gili T was by far the most I’ve ever seen.

From blacktip reef sharks to an Octopus and turtle upon turtles. It was an endless view of the incredibly deep blue.
I decided to go with Dive Central Gili and treat myself to a diving photographer. Most dived I’ve done I’ve recorded or taken pictures myself but this time I wanted to just enjoy it and take all my surrounds in.

And I’m so glad I did.

Just see for yourself and of course, let me know what you think of them?

What’s your favourite dive spot?


The Dive: I booked my Dive with Dive Central Gili. One dive cost £28*

Extra: I paid for my photos to be taken costing £33*

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