Christmas Cosy Bedroom

Christmas Cosy Bedroom

Christmas is less than two weeks away now. Yay! And I literally cannot wait for a week or so of rest. Apart from hopping from family to family during the Christmas period I plan to have some longggg lazy days in bed. And if I'm  lucky enough I may never have to get out of bed. *Wishing* 
So to make my bedroom extra cosy for the Christmas period here are a few things to give it a little extra festive charm.

Teddy bear blanket - This is the ultimate cosy comfort blanket you can ever own! There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a massive "Bear Bear" as I call It on those cold winter days. I've had a black one for years and have asked Santa nicely if he could bring me a grey one for Christmas this year.
It really is the softest blanket you will ever feel. Dunlem Mill has 16 different colours to choose from so you will certainly get one to match your bedroom.

Fairy Lights -Fairy lights are always a nice cosy touch to any bedroom in my opinion whether it's Christmas or not. It nice to have some soft lighting in your room like candlelight and soft fairy lights give a nice effect like candles. I didn’t spend much on them at all costing £4.64 from Ebay.

Christmas Scented Candles - Nothing reminds me of Christmas more than Christmas smelling candles. Most years I have a red Christmas scented candle that has a cinnamon scent but this year I thought I’d have a change and got for A Roasted Chestnut scent which is so yummy smelling. I walked into my local Next at home store and their range this year was amazing.

Mattress – If you’re going to be spending most of your time in bed like I plan to, then having in a good mattress is key to totally lazy festive bliss. I love a mattress that engulfs me and I can just skin my whole body into it. So getting the perfect one is a high priority and not just for the Christmas period but all year round.  Starting off 2017 on a healthier and happy note means getting my sleep routine in a much better shape as I generally have terrible night’s sleep. But that all can change with the perfect mattress.



Hope you all get to have an extra special cosy Christmas

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