Blog Award Season | Is It Wrong For Bloggers To Ask For Votes?

Blog Award Season | Is It Wrong For Bloggers To Ask For Votes?

Right guys, I wanted to do a quick little post to tackle a subject that I’ve seen some hype around recently.

As you’re probably aware the Beast From the East isn’t the only storm to blow in. It’s blogger award season. And with the blog awards nominations has come quite a bit of controversy. 

I have noticed a few comments concerning the awards saying that it’s quite cringey and wrong for a blogger to ask for votes and nominations.

Personally, I have asked for votes. I mean there was a lot of blackmailing and holding people hostage until they voted for me! Its a lot of time and effort let me tell you. Haha 

Jokes aside I wanted to explain some of my reasons why I think this is a 100% positive thing for bloggers to do.

Believing In Yourself 

I’ve been brought up on the concept that if you want something you have to fight for it. And at the end of the day if we don’t ask we don’t get. 

Why is it any different for bloggers to seek out votes compared to a politician or MP, or asking for votes to be crowned prom queen (thank god we didn’t have that at my prom, 16-year-olds can be savage) 

What is so wrong in being proud of you works and taking the opportunity to be acknowledged for it.

And if you don’t get through to the finals don’t see it as a defeat and let it get you down.

From what I see you can deal with it two ways

  1. You can spend the whole time thinking no one voted for you;
  2. You can think crap I must have missed out by one vote. Oh well. Always next year.


People Out Side The Blogging World

The blogging community is but a small part of what makes up my worldly connections. So many of the people that would love to nominate or vote for me, such as my friends and family probably would never know about these awards.

So, of course, I’m going to ask them. When it comes to our friends and family, it a vote we can all count on.

And even more amazing things can come from a vote from your loved ones. My brother sent me what I had put from my nomination in the Cosmo Blog Awards and it just melted my heart.

“She has influenced me my whole life and I know she is passionate about this line of work. She dedicates her whole time and effort into “travel” to show people beautiful places of this world that they might not have had the chance to see so far in life or places they might not have even known about yet. She is amazing and I love” 

Reading this made me feel like I had already won. This is the real achievement.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Supporting Others

These nominations show a great love within the blogging community. I don’t care that some of my favourite bloggers are asking for my vote. I’m like ” Hell yes girl I’m voting for you!”

I want to appreciate and support other bloggers whose content has given me advice, whose experiences have helped me and whose hard work has been inspiring. 

So I wonder if some of the negative comments come from someone insecurities or lack of self-belief? Rather than a negativity towards other bloggers?

And of course, I can’t finish this post without a cheeky “Vote For Me”

If you have been enjoying my content a feel I’m worth a nomination then I would love you to vote for me in the Travel Blog Section for the Blogosphere Awards 

What do you think? Are you for or against bloggers asking for votes? 

Don’t forget to add me on Instagram – @leonie.parker –to follow my adventures!

You can also find me over on Twitter – @LeonieXParker, Facebook And Youtube


Don’t forget to add me on Instagram – @leonie.parker –to follow my travel adventures!

You can also find me over on Twitter – @LeonieXParker, Facebook And Youtube