Meaning behind the Name: Lo is my nickname, short for Leonie of course and I am always on the go. Whether it be travelling the globe, exploring home or seeking out London vibes.

Lo On The Go is a piece of the world wide web that offers content on Travel & lifestyle, from backpacking to luxury stays, well-being, personal posts, products and services review/experiences and anything thing else in accordance with the lifestyle of Lo.

With this, I hope to inspire many others to explore the globe, book that flight, get totally, utterly, amazingly lost in this big beautiful world. As well as helping others with my past experiences on travel, I like to share my lifestyle, health and well-being tips and experiences. And of course, sharing my shenanigans and all the things I love.


So here’s a little bit about Leonie

  • I’m a 20 something Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
  • By day I work in Procurement. I’m also at uni part time studying my Charter qualifications. Yes, I am a busy bee.
  • Currently based in Essex/ Hert’s border and spending a lot of time in  London (when I’m not travelling that is).
  • I started my blog in late 2013 in preparation for my 2014 travel adventures and my blog was grown while I was living in Perth, Australia.
  • I want this blog not only to be a place of memoirs for me but somewhere I could share my experiences, adventures, and lessons with people who also share the same passions and interest as me.
  • I studied Performing Arts, now the world is my stage.
  • I’m obsessed with marine life and Scuba is life (Yes, I believe I am a mermaid)
  • I suffer from Psoriasis and IBS. One of my goals is too great a greater awareness of these conditions


Patient Info 2018 

The IBS Network 


If you would like to get in contact with me you can pop me an email at leoniejparker@gmail.com

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