5 Ways To Improve Your Workout

5 Ways To Improve Your Workout


I decided to seek help from a personal trainer. Now, I know this is an expense that people may not be able to afford on a weekly basis and believe me I can’t either.
But………the main reason I would suggest a couple of personal training session is so you and your personal trainer can work together to create a whole new workout plan, especially if you’re at a loose end on how to push yourself more.
On my first session, I was introduced to boxing, this is something I would not have thought of before but I really enjoyed it (even though it nearly killed me)


If a personal trainer is not for you then maybe take some classes. A lot of gyms offer free classes as part of the membership so go check them out. My favourite class its Pilates. I first took a Pilates class about 4 years ago and just loved it. This is a class I would really recommend if you want to strengthen your core.


There is no point doing 1001 squats if your form is incorrect. It’s all about quality not quaintly. And not only does an incorrect form prevent you from achieving the best results but also it increases your risk of injury. If you’re not sure, ask. The gym staff are always happy to advise. Another tip would be to get someone to record a quick video on your phone so you can see for yourself and analysis.


The most important tip in all of life, make sure you are HYDRATED. Being dehydrated will stop you from pushing yourself, and make you feel pretty awful.


Warming up is a very important part of a workout. It gets your body and mind engaged and that will help you have an efficient workout. It will also reduce your risk of injury.