5 Tips To Unwind After A Long Day

5 Tips To Unwind After A Long Day

Hot Drinks

Having a hot drink before bed is one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind. Some great ones I find are herbal teas such as chamomile or lemon grass. I also like to make tea from honey and lemon juice. One tea I am loving at the moment is Dreamtime tea by Whittard, it’s a smooth blend of honey, apricots and vanilla. I literally cannot get enough of this stuff, the taste so amazing and very sweet (be mindful not to have too much sugar before bedtime).
You should always avoid caffeine drinks before bedtime as this can disputed your sleep or for me, making it harder to actually fall asleep. I generally make sure I don’t have anything to strong in caffeine after lunch.


Now I know meditation isn’t for everyone but it is defiantly worth a try.
I like to light some candles in my room, switch off the light and use the App I have called Headspace. It’s a free app with a 10 step medication programme. I would recommend you give this a try, even if you are a little sceptical. You never know what might work for you.


Listening to music is a great way to slow down the mind and help you reach a peaceful state. I would highly recommend downloading some music from Dan Gibson solitude's collections. There is a whole range to different types of relaxation music from Whale songs, sounds of the rainforest, Celtic songs to the sound of thunderstorms. I really love music like this and have listened since I was a young teenager.


By far one the best ways to relax is taking a nice long sock in the tub. Hot water can help relax your muscles and increase circulation. Therefore it can have the same benefits as getting a massage.
Why not light some candles, add some lavender oil and listen to play relaxing music and have a long soak in the tub. The bath is a great to just switch off from the world and relax  the body and mind.

Bed Space

Your bed space it one of the most important tools to relax and unwind. I always make sure that my sheets are kept fresh and clean.
I mean is there anything better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets?
I also like you use a lavender pillow spray to help me relax and sleep, all you need is a few squirts and it does the trick.
And I know we are all GUILTY of this but it really help if you switch off from the social media world. Try not to lie in bed scrolling through Instagram or Twitter for hours on end. I know when I do it just starts my mind racing with idea and things I need to do, that I end up wired up when I need to sleep.
Do you take the time to relax and unwind? I would love to know your tips.

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