5 Things I Don’t Like About Backpacking

5 Things I Don’t Like About Backpacking


For me and  I think most people, packing is the most stressful part of travelling. And I hate it! The first time I went backpacking I starting packing rehearsals at least a month before I was due to set off. Packing, unpacking, repacking for weeks. The thought of having to pack a year of my life into a 65L backpack just stressed me to the max.
And as a new backpacker, I totally over packed a lot of unnecessary crap! It’s a learning kerb all backpacker must take and I’m definitely a lot better at packing now but it’s still not on my favourites list.


Not having a bath 

I LOVE baths and have them over showers any day but staying in hostels means a lot of showers. There was one hostel in Melbourne as I recall that actually has a bath but that wasn’t for me. Nothing like the comfort of your own bath and bathroom to relax and unwind.



hate flying! I mean I’m literally petrified to my core. I have to get prescribe medication from my doctor to get on a plane. Though it doesn’t stop me from doing what I love and travelling the world I do dread it every time I travel. I wish I could just teleport myself to my destination! 


Missing my bed

I’m sure this is the same for everyone but I miss not sleeping in my bed and hostel beds are few and far between. Some beds I have slept on have been like wooden blocks and other have been delightfully soft and cosy but nothing beats your own bed! Pillows and mattress moulded to perfection, soft duvet,  that fresh bed smell when you have new sheets on. PERFECTION!


Wearing the same clothes 

For a year of my life, I rotated the same clothes over and over again. I got sick of the sight of them! The same tops, dresses and shorts I seemed to neverendingly wear got to me.  The first thing I did when I returned home was to throw all those clothes away. I really couldn’t bear the sight of them anymore. Being a poor backpacker I never bought a whole new wardrobe when I got home but I did feel good to wear the clothes I left behind. They felt so new and fresh.


Do you have any dislikes about travelling?


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