My 2018 Goals & Bucket List

My 2018 Goals & Bucket List

Oh yes! It’s time to pin down my 2018 bucket list (she says to herself with such determination)

I’m really excited about this year, it’s got off to a great start and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be an epic one. Whos with me!! 

So here are a few items on my bucket list for 2018.

My Blog  

I’ve already written a post about the steps I’m going to take to up my blog this year and it’s going to be my main focus. This really should be something that’s ingrained in me already after 4 years of blogging!

The Philippines 
I’m not done with Asia just yet. It’s time to head to the Philippines this year.  I will be going over May/June which I’ve been told is the best time to go and of course, I’ve been pinning ideas like mad.

London Town 

Being a London born girl I have neglected my beautiful city over the years. I work in the city so it’s easy to overlook it but this year I am going to be a tourist in my hometown. I will see the sites, find amazing restaurants and truly appreciate what I have on my doorstep.

Hanging Gardens Of Bali

Rule Britannia 

This one kind of follows the same lines as above and is about seeing more of the UK. I want to have afternoon tea in beautiful old halls, have county walks in the Cotswolds, and beach bum it down in Newquay.

New York, New York 

I’m literally obsessed with Effortlyss posts of New York. Its been on my bucket list for years now, I mean who doesn’t want to be swept off their feet by the hussy and bustle of the big apple!

Ski Season 

My other half and I have been discussing going to a ski resort over Christmas and New Year. I’ve snowboarded a few times before in Switzerland and loved every moment so I would love to share the experience with the Boy.

Hanging Gardens Of Bali

City Breaks 

I need to add some short city breaks to Europe like Vienna, Croatia and Prague. I always see great offers on weekend break but never take advantage. This year that is going to change.

My Health & Wellbeing 

The first area I want to tackle is getting back into my fitness. I’ve been very very lazy as of late and haven’t been going to the gym. Which confuses me as I loved going, it made me so full of energy and life. And it not just about losing weight, I was in such a positive place when I exercised regularly.

The next part my H&W journey this year will to finally sort my bowels out. I took a stand just before Christmas to get my illness sorted out once and for all and saw a private consultant. I’ve had tests and biopsies done and now waiting for results. Once I know what I need to manage and how to manage it, it will be a huge weight off my shoulder

A few years ago a wrote a post on my psoriasis and how I was dealing and trying to treat it. Back then I was cover all over my body, now 4 years later its only isolated to my scalp. I’ve made great progress don’t get me wrong but the scalp psoriasis is still sore, itchy, plackey and painful. Wearing black is troublesome as my scalp flakes out badly and looks like a mountain of dandruff has come off my head.


Last but not least is my photography. I really want to take my photography skills to the next level. I got a new camera this year where I’m still getting to grips with it. Hopefully, you can see some improvements on my Instagram. Learning Lightroom and Photoshop have been a game changer also, so I do feel I’m on the right path.


Do you have a bucket list? What are your goals for 2018?

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