10 Tips To Have The Perfect Beach Day

10 Tips To Have The Perfect Beach Day

Drink Plenty Of Water

This is important in all aspects of life but is paramount when spending time in the sun. There is nothing worse than getting Heat Stroke or ill from being dehydrated so always drink plenty of water.

Take A Pack Lunch

Not only will it save you money by bringing a packed lunch, but you be able to eat a lot more healthy and nutritious foods then what is often served at beachside cafes. You also won’t have the rigmarole of finding a cafe, which could be a long way away and in doing so risk losing your perfect beach spot.

Protect Your Skin

If you have read my post on Sun Awareness then you will know there is a great importance in keeping your skin safe in the sun. I normally go for the Hawaiian Tropic range, using a factor 30 for the first few days, then on to a factor 15 tanning oil. Don’t forget to use a good After Sun to re-hydrate the skin.


I’m someone that gets very restless and cannot spend the whole day just lying in the sun. So I always bring a good book or my iPod to listen to music. I also make sure I bring my own Snorkel and Mask to seize any snorkelling opportunity.

Don’t forget your Camera

I never want to miss a photo moment when I’m away and the beach is such a perfect setting. Whether you’re a blogger after amazing shots or just wanting to savour some incredible memories. A camera is always a must.

Sun Glasses

Protecting your eyes in the sun is just as important as protecting your skin. Make sure you pack your sunnies or if you are like me and lose them, make sure you have an extra pair to hand.




I normally research what are the best beaches to go to before I visit a destination. Searching Instagram hashtags have proven quite a good way to see what please to visit. I also love using Lonely Planet Guides and of course reading other peoples blogs.

Bring a Charger

If you have read my Top Travel Electronics post then you will know having a Portable Battery changer is a life saver. I would hate to be out on the beach and suddenly unable to listen to music or take photos because I ran out of battery.  So I always have my charger close by.


Just RELAX and take in your current surroundings. Listening to the waves of the ocean, feel the sun on your skin and the sand in between your toes. This is your time to let go of normal life and just enjoy yourself.

Stay for  Sunset

I’m a sucker for a sunset and there nothing better than seeing it set across the ocean. Its a fab photo opportunity and a great romantic setting.

“There is nothing more beautiful than where the land meets the ocean and the sky meets the sea”


 What are your top tips for the perfect beach day?